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Etan Patel, after many technical problems on CSWC cigar finally reached what he deserved.


Etan Patel, CSWC Champion of UK 2022 in full focus to the final victory

CSWC UK 2022 started the 7 event Qualifier Series in May in Liverpool, toured the UK and ended in London with a spectacular final Sunday 31st July. Sarah Saunders, the Founder of the Womens International Cigar Club, has provided funding and commitment to organising a CSWC UK Series for the last 5 years.

" I am extremely grateful for the incredible participation and support of so many people in the UK cigar scene. There is genuine excitement for our UK Winner Etan Patel, and our Time Chase leaderboard competitors who also have every chance to compete at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL in Split, Croatia 2-4 September.  Dreams do come true !"- Sarah Saunders, CSWC judge


Julius Honsch, amazing newcomer reached 2nd place


The "Camuflage" Ali made miracale that weekend and after secon place on London heat he took 3rd place on UK finale

Sarah and all the hosts said how honoured they were to have Marko Bilic join them for the Kent and London events, especially for the 2022 Final. Marko's enthusiasm, energy and stylish suits combined with Sarah Saunders' organisation and attention to detail, created a sense of occasion for this exciting finale.  Sarah was supported this year with a new UK judge Matt King who was able to get rare time off (he's a very busy Paramedic), and co- judge his first event. Mae and Sara competed with co-owner Jonny Berman on the Saturday London qualifier, and Mae made it through to thefinal with a Wild Card for Best female time in the UK competition. The finalists picked a random ticket for their seat number and, with a glass of champagne from Berry Brothers and Rudd in hand, our generous and loyal sponsors and supporters gathered to watch the 10 finalists start the 2022 competition.  

A confident and steady start by Cem Ertem and Etan Patel, had them in the lead for some time. David Bruce Taylor also had a great start but was too cautious and sadly the first to go out. Followed quickly by Evie Pavitt who despite trying her best, just couldn't keep the cigar alight. Mae courageously smoked to just over half an hour.  It was a good effort, and possibly she has confidence now to compete again next year. For some time and some pushing to the hour, Paresh Patel, Martin Willliams, Ali Tasent, Richard Grey and Julius Honsch all smoked in close competition...a little change here and there, but keeping the cigars going, ashes strong and some hoping to slow down a little !
Paresh's cigar started to tunnel at half way.  What a nightmare for him ! Paresh was visibly ( and sometimes audibly !) frustrated. It was going to finish his chances of a London win, so keeping his hopes high that his place on the Top 20 Time Chase leaderboard will hold until the World Final.  Fellow smoker Etan Patel at the Havana House lounge in Windsor had tunnelled almost from the top the day before, he must have been smiling a little inside !


Martin Williams one of the best UK smokers of the season got wildcard for Grand Finale


Paresh patel, UK record holder for the season 2022 and only UK smoker on TOP 20 list

One by one the competitors started to fall....Paresh, and then Martin. Cem sat quietly on, looking like he'd been coached by the former Champion Darren Cioffi. Cem had looked to be in the lead for so long, despite a hard draw in parts, but tunnelling at the end meant sudden death of the cigar. Richard valiantly puffed to the soggy end of his cigar under the ring and burning his lips, but burned the ring and was penalised to a final time of 1 hr 10 minutes. With Etan in a clear and focussed lead, a gladiatorial fights on between " Camouflage Ali" and Julius "Caesar"! Both newcomers to the sport of Slow Smoking, Ali and Julius watched each other closely for 2nd and 3rd places. Pure excitement!!With 10 minutes between them, first Ali out at 1 hour, 26 minutes and 33 seconds, followed by Julius at 1 hour 36 minutes ad 26 seconds.


THE WINNER !!! ETAN PATEL, who represented the UK last year at the World Final smoked on to a safe 1 hour 55 minutes and 20 seconds.  With no need to challenge for a better time, he smiled with relief and a little disbelief that after all the trials and difficulties of the UK 2022 Series he had finally won FIRST PLACE! 

Massive Congratulations to Etam, to everyone who has supported him and the absolute best of luck at the World Final in Spilt, Croatia on 2-4th September. Sarah thanked  EVERYONE who participated in this year's UK CSWC Series, competitors, sponsors and supporters alike, with a special thank you to Marko Bilic for coming to the UK at short notice. She looks forward to another exciting competition in 2023.  She says there are already sign ups !!  and encourages people to keep checking Womens International Cigar Club social media, and local cigar lounges for information.

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