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CSWC France came back in the CSWC calendar marked amazing winning times


CSWC legend Jan Vistisen with the best ones of the CSWC France 2023

Jan Vistisen, the father of all CSWC Judges, and official judge Thomas Geißler from Germany brought CSWC to France, to Los Puros in Alsace by Hon cigar club - in the magnificent city of Strasbourg, restaurant and hotel Les Temps Des Siason. This opportunity drew a large number of people, including the mayor of Strasbourg, Ms Jeanne Barseghian, and Mr Pierre Bonte, a famous French journalist, writer, radio and television broadcaster.

It was a fantastic event, and Thomas and I are thrilled to be able to bring the CSWC experience back to France. tournament timings were good, and the tournament itself was conducted in a fair manner, therefore I can say France was successful.- Jan Vistisen, CSWC International judge

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-25 at 17.59.03111111.jpg

It wa sgreat too seethe whole range of generations enjoying in CSWC experience in France

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Jan Vistisen, one of the top global judges, does not tolerate any flaws throughout competition.

The competition itself was a huge success. All of the contestants were newbies, and they demonstrated that they knew the properties of cigar tobacco burning. They started well, relaxing, but as the game progressed, competitors became more focused. The competition spirit was switched on, and the best ones remained in the final stage of the competition. It was fantastic to see smokers of all generations battling together, with a mix of old and new school.

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CSWC Judge Thomas reading the rules with official translator next to his side


Hot start of the CSWCD France

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CSWC prizes from all partners waiting to be delivered to the best ones.

The final outcome was exceptional, with two rookies breaking into the season's top 20 list. Third place was won with a time of 1 hour 15 minutes and 05 seconds by legendary journalist and TV broadcaster Pierre Bonte, who represented the old cigar school as a magnificent gentleman in his 90's. Oliver Steinhaeuser took second place with a time of 1 hour 51 minutes 43 seconds following a 15-minute penalty. Mathieu Ginglinger earned the great French champion title for 2023 with an exceptional time of 2 hours, 01 minute, and 14 seconds. As a result, France has two names on the TOP 20 list of the best smokers this season, which is an incredible achievement.

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After CSWC dinner where all competitors could exchange their first emotions regarding CSWC experience

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