CSWC is making amazing impact im Middle East, Doha smokers played with amazing times


The slowest smoker in Qatar

What an incredible night for the CSWC - the first and historic CSWC qualification event in Doha, Qatar. Mr Felipe Rojas Burna, our CSWC Judge and winner of the Habanos World Sommelier contest in Cuba, together with The Humidor Trading Company Qatar (local importer of Rocky Patel, Boveda among other brands) organized the event, which took place in Qatar's most luxurious hotel, the Hotel Kempinski. That was undoubtedly a night to be remembered and inscribed in large letters in the history of the CSWC.

It is an incredible feeling, honor, and pride to see that CSWC is accepted on such a high level by Qatar cigar enthusiasts. To see them in slow smoking action is like a dream come true, because with the Middle East as a member of CSWC, we can truly say that CSWC is global. Furthermore, for the first time ever participating in the CSWC experience, they perform astonishingly well. - Marko, Founder of CSWC


CSWC competition cigar ready for race


Qatar competitor for the first time in CSWC action

The full cigar lounge at Hotel Kempinski was a great sight to see, and all of the guests and participants were excited about the new experience. Felipe made everything just right, as he always does with everything he touches. His extensive and top-tier experience in hospitality, particularly in the cigar segment, qualified him as an ideal CSWC ambassador and jude for introducing CSWC to these very special guests for the first time.


Perfect construction of CSWC cigar and smile

on the face of CSWC competitor -perfect match


CSWC lady competitor in action.


CSWC box signed by participants

So, everything was in place, and Cuervo y Sobrinos' stopwatch began to count down the smoking seconds. Competitors were confronted with slow smoking for the first time, and their overall performance was outstanding. Ara Artin came in third place after the clock stopped ticking at 1 hour and 16 seconds for his cigar. Ivan Jakenec managed to push his competition cigar until 1 hour and 24 minutes, but a 5 minute penalty for ash cost him the victory, and he finished in second place. Aram Manukyam's winning time of 1 hour and 21 minutes earned him the title of Qatar's first champion. It had been a historic evening.


Full Kempinski Cigar lounge for CSWC qualification event.