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Now it is confirmed - on 8th of July, Tbilisi will hosted first CSWC national qualifier

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Georgian cigar community is getting warm up for their first and historical CSWC national qualifier

   On July 8, Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, will host the first CSWC qualifying tournament in history. The sunny city in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus has long been ready to host this tournament, but hundreds of cigar lovers in the country could not find a "foothold" for its organization. But in 2022, everything changed, because not only the official distributor of Rocky Patel cigars appeared in the country, but also the distributor of two more tournament partners, Les Fines Lames and Boveda. Everything is put into a beautiful “puzzle”.

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Yevgeniy Zhidkov, CSWC international judge with organisers

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Yevgeniy in Cigar lounge in Tbilisi

Surely, cigar lovers have been gathering in clubs and communities for a long time, smoked and held tournaments, but the idea to take part in a world-class event and raise the flag of Georgia at the World Championship in Split caused a great response in the hearts of these sunny people.

The Marriott Tbilisi Hotel and its Majestic Cigar Room will host the First Qualifying CSWC Tournament. And let's hope that the walls of this ancient building in the very center of Tbilisi will be favorable to the participants and help to show excellent results.

“I visit Georgia several times a year, and of course I spent almost every evening in the cigar lounges of Tbilisi. Over the years we have met many connoisseurs of cigars in Georgia, I also learned about cigar communities and even had the opportunity to smoke cigars grown from Georgian tobacco. And in April 2023, while discussing with Georgian friends a new tournament that was planned in Kazakhstan, we realized that we were ready to hold a tournament in this beautiful sunny cigar country. And Marco's support was warmly welcomed by the entire cigar community of Georgia that work on its implementation began to move forward very quickly.”  Yevgeiny Zhidkov, CSWC International Judge

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Beautiful city of Tbilisi in Georgia will host first ever CSWC

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