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Indonesia's Slow Smoking Ace Emerges Victorious in a Thrilling Showdown at Marini’s on 57, Kuala Lumpur

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Yadie Dayana CSWC Champion in malaysia, took victory for Indonesian flag after 5 years again

Last Saturday, more than thirty competitors joined the 5 th CSWC qualifier in Malaysia, this
time held at Marini’s on 57, a luxurious lounge, club and restaurant on the 57 th floor of the
iconic Petronas towers in downtown Kuala Lumpur. The competitors in Kuala Lumpur came from five different countries: Canada, United States, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The reigning three times champion Wilson was there to defend his title, and the first ever champion, Yadie Dayana from Jakarta Indonesia was there to reclaim the throne. Everything was set for the battle of the two champions, and it did not disappoint.

Gino, Alberto, Aurelio, Francesco, and Stjep deserved the cigar prize for the best qualifier of the 2022 season last year. They are doing an even better job in 2023. CSWC is happy and grateful to have such an outstanding panel of judges. - Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge

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VIP Guests with official judge Ferdinand Piet and Hazely  and  Hazely Harun CSWC Organiser

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Full house on the CSWC Malaysia

The first contestant was out within ten minutes of the competition but the top 8 contenders
all passed the one hour thirty minutes mark. To compare, the winner in Phuket scored a
time of 1:26:34 and several slow smokers are now considering joining the competition in
Phuket next year as well.


Zahid Anas 2nd place with CSWC Organiser


Chandra Irawan 3rd position with Hazely and CSWC Judge Ferdinand Piet

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Amazing athmosphere on CSWC Malaysia

As for the competition, it turned out to be a match between Indonesia and Malaysia, both
with 2 contenders in the top 4. Reigning champion Wilson was the first of the four man
standing to drop out, missing out on the prices this year although I overheard him telling his girlfriend where he would put the #1 prize humidor before the competition.
In the end it was Yadie Dayana who reclaimed the title and brought the prizes back to


CSWC Champion Malaysia with Indonesian team and supporters and CSWC Judge Ferdinad Piet


Happy CSWC people part 1

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Happy CSWC people part 2

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Great entertainer of the CSWC night - live saxsofon music

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