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Alex Meunir Triumphs Again: Defending CSWC Title at Phuket Showdown

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Turin Time Chase challangers in their first experience with CSWC competition

Twice a year, the cigar community in Phuket, Thailand is gathering for a competition, once
for the CSWC Qualifier and the other time for a Long Ash competition. And it’s always a
battle between the teams of the French and the Brits. Last Saturday, July 29 th , cigar smokers came together at the cosy Churchill’s Cigar Bar in Old Town Phuket to battle it out, who could smoke the Rocky Patel CSWC Mareva as slow as possible.

Gino, Alberto, Aurelio, Francesco, and Stjep deserved the cigar prize for the best qualifier of the 2022 season last year. They are doing an even better job in 2023. CSWC is happy and grateful to have such an outstanding panel of judges. - Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge

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Ashes up and focus on  during Time Chase Turin

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CSWC Turin was truly in Italian style - from venue to the competitors

The French take things seriously, including team shirts with the red, white and blue of their
flags on the sleeves. The Brits needed help from the rest of the world this year, as there was only one Britton competing but he got help from Thailand, Malaysia, The Netherlands,
Australia and Russia.

The first contestant was out withing 15 minutes, while the top three battled it out till over
the one hour mark. The Australian contestant, Jason, came in third followed by Serge from
Russia. The winner is the defending champion, Alex Meunir, who won the Thai qualifier for
the second year in a row with a time of 1:26:34.

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