Nick Paretta set the USA record for the season 2021, and as the first American slow smoker this season, he put the United States on the season's TOP 20 list.


Rocky Patel impressed with great performance of the CSWC Naples Champion

The CSWC competition was held in Rocky Patel's Burn Lounge by Rocky Patel in Naples, Florida, which was graced by the presence of the whole Rocky Patel board crew, led by Rocky himself. The Burn Lounge in Naples is a magnificent venue, and the notion of a cigar nightclub was perfect for the CSWC performance. Slow smoking excitement was assured with Nish, Rocky's brother. Rocky, as the CSWC's major partner, was on hand to greet and assist all contestants while also keeping an eye on the performance of the CSWC competition cigar, which he built.

It's fantastic that dedicated cigar enthusiasts like Marko Bilic have introduced innovation to the cigar entertainment sector. After all these years, CSWC has evolved into something more. It's fun, but it's also a genuine competition. I can see rivals' competition fire and enthusiasm in their eyes, something I've noticed in other sports, particularly the ones I watch. So, finally, we have a sport that brings cigar enthusiasts from all over the world together. - Rocky Patel, CEO Rocky Patel


Great friend of CSWC Mr. Rick Green


Frank Potoczak, last year and this year 2nd place in action

The competition began, and the mood quickly heated up. The magnificent Cuervo y Sobrinos watch was also the major reward for the champion in Burn Naples. Prizes such as a Les Fines Lames cigar knife and a Boveda block were also a significant motivator. The desire of the leading group to experience the joy of triumph was the most powerful motivator. The audience was filled with enthusiasm when Burn was placed under CSWC fire.


famous Hamlet Paredes, as great expert for tobacco, giving some burning tips to the winner


Rocky is congratulation to the Nick for amazing victory

The last countdown has begun. Frank Potoczak demonstrated that last year's second place finish was not just a fluke. He was in first place and finished in a fantastic second place. He had a great smoking night. Nick Paretta took home not just the win, but also the USA Season 2021 record this time. With a winning time of 2 hours and 2 minutes, he and the American flag are now ranked among the top 10 best smokers of the season on the official season list of top 20. That was a huge accomplishment, and he earned all of Rocky's and others' congratulations. He did an excellent job.


The best ones from CSWC Naples 2021