Paul Dorsy took CSWC  VIRGINIA, and

USA CSWC season 2021 is in the full swing 


FRED REWEY, CSWC Champion in Orlando, with his beautiful Cuervo y Sobrinos prize.

The USA CSWC season is in full swing, and it will be clear very soon who will be chosen for the big final of CSWC USA in Burn Lounge in Pittsburg on August 28th. CSWC in Orlando, Florida at Corona Cigar Co. and CSWC in Fredericksburg, Virginia at Hogshead cigar lounge took place, and some new names were given the honor and chance to fight in the CSWC USA final. 

The USA season is progressing beautifully. American cigar enthusiasts are great and skilled cigar smokers, as well as great competitors with a strong will and motivation. This is why they are always among the best in any challenge. They simply appeal to me.
- Marko Bilic, Founder of CSWC 


CSWC lighting up start in Virginia


Paul Dorsy, happy champion of CSWC Virginia

Fred Rewey took home the CSWC title in Orlando, Florida. He won by smoking his Rocky Patel CSWC cigar for 1 hour and 4 minutes without taking any penalty minutes. The situation in Virginia was more precarious. Paul Dorsy won with 1 hour and 10 minutes of smoking, but the fight for second place was even more exciting - Zach Weir came in second with 1 hour and 4 minutes. Chris Premore had a faster smoking time than Zach, but 10 penalty minutes knocked him out of second place and dropped him to sixth. Jeffrey Shultz, who has 1 penalty minute for ash, takes third place.Penalty minutes in Virginia have a significant impact on the final times. 


One of the competition corners on the CSWC Virginia